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Our collection services embraces a philosophy we call Smart Collections.  It's not just an attitude - it's the right choice for your collections business, large or small.  With low competitive rates, volume benefits and personal service, we are the Smart choice for Collection.
We focus on information.
We inform you, each step of the way, of the progress we are making on your account.  Online, we provide tips so you'll know when to move accounts to collection, what information to keep on your debtors, as well as basic legal terminology and collections process strategies.
Next, we initiate negotiation.
We deal with the debtor to win back the funds you deserve.  Yet we go beyond standard collections to make sure that you can retain the business of valued customers.  We also offer more aggressive measures for situations when armistice is undesirable.  We are seasoned mediators who have dealt with all kinds of excuses, both founded and unrealistic, and can dig to the heart of the matter and solve the issue.  Clear communication and resolution is what negotiation is all about.
Finally, we begin collection cooperation.
It's not confrontation - but cooperation between the debtor, the  negotiator and you.  This perspective results in stronger business relationships and unparalleled collection progress.
Our variety of collection and pre-collection options help us tailor our services to what you want and what your industry demands.  We're your in-house collectors, with the authority of a third-party collector.  We have a proven track record, customarily 80 percent more effective than in-house collections on accounts more than 90 days overdue.
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