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Credit Professionals Alliance

NACS Credit Services offers credit reporting solutions for every credit investigation need. With the click of your mouse or a phone call, you can order CreditCOMPASS® Signature Reports, Experian, Equifax or consumer reports.  These reports are available at exclusive pricing with a Credit Professionals Alliance membership, and a value pricing for NACS Report Contract holders. Non-members can order reports at standard rates.


Credit Report Options:


CreditCOMPASS® Signature Reports

Once you have joined a Credit Exchange, sponsored by NACS Credit Services, or purchased our Signature Report Contract, you will have unlimited access to our online reporting services, via our website.  NACS Credit Services will provide a subscriber name and password that puts millions of lines of credit data at your fingertips.  We maintain the largest sports credit database in North America.



Commercial Business Credit Report.  You will have online access to ePORT to pull these reports yourself.  These reports include the country's broadest coverage of financial data, including 19 of the top 20 national financial institutions.  Additionally, they cover approximately 90 percent of America's 28 million small businesses with demographic information and trade or service lines of data.



Business Solutions.  You'll have individual, online access to Experian's Business Applications site, where you can pull one of several different varieties of business credit reports.  You'll see trade information along with easy-to-read graphs of the subject's exposure and even service obligations.

NACS Credit Services is now partnering with for your consumer report needs.  We are excited to be able to offer our subscribers this valuable tool of accessing reports on personal guarantors, employment screening and tenant verifications.  You will have access to all three credit bureaus with no minimums and special NACS pricing.


Make NACS Credit Services your one stop shop for all your commercial and consumer credit needs. Contact us at (800) 525-7228 or email

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