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Authorization for Investigation - If the seller corporation uses a commercial investigation company, this form could be signed by the applicant to authorize that investigation.

Authorization for Release of Credit Information - Many banks and some trade suppliers require authorization by the subject of a credit investigation to release information to a prospective new supplier.

Consumer Permissible Purpose Statement - If a credit grantor requires a consumer credit report on the principals of a closely held company, this form authorizes them to utilize those reports.

Credit Application - Sample of a credit application form with request for references and financial statements

Credit Application 3 - Credit application form with terms and conditions of sale incorporated. Includes authorization to conduct a credit investigation.

International Credit Application - Same as above but without request for federal tax ID info.

Disclosure of Right to Request Reasons for Credit Denial - The Equal Credit Opportunity Act requires credit business grantors to disclose the reasons for any adverse decisions. This form advises customers of that right.

Notice of Action - If the seller determines that credit should not be extended to a customer, this template can be used to advise the customer of that action and the reasons for it.

SBA Form 413 Personal Financial Statement - If you are selling to an individual business proprietor, or if you rely on a guarantee signed by an individual, it can be desirable to know the financial condition of that individual. The SBA form makes it easy for your customer to provide the necessary information.


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