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Bond Claim Notice - If a supplier or subcontractor is not paid by a contractor and the project is covered by a payment bond, the creditor must advise all concerned parties of their intent to file a claim against the bond.

Florida Lien Notice to Owner - If a company is selling to contractors in Florida, it is required to advise the owner of the property on which the goods or services are used that it has the right to file a mechanic's lien on that property in case the contractor fails to pay the supplier.

Joint Check Agreement - Suppliers to a contractor sometimes require the property owner or general contractor to pay jointly to the sub-contractor and the supplier to insure that funds flow down as intended.

Partial Lien Waiver - When a project is eligible for mechanic's liens, owners and General Contractors frequently require subcontractors to furnish a partial lien waiver indicating that they have disbursed funds for previous draws.

Final Lien Waiver - At the completion of a construction project, property owners often require a certification from all material men and sub-contractors that they have been paid and waive their rights to file a mechanic's lien.

Conditional Final Lien Waiver - A supplier or sub-contractor may wish to assure the property owner that lien rights will be waived IF a certain sum of money is paid.

Conditional Partial Lien Waiver - Same as the Conditional Final Waiver except that it would be issued when a partial payment is made instead of the final payment.


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