Payment Guarantees

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Corporate Guarantee - Used when one corporation wishes to guarantee the payment performance of a second corporation.

Continuing Guarantee - Used when the intent is for an individual or company to guarantee the payment performance of another company on an ongoing basis instead of for a single transaction.

Guaranty of Account - A more general form, covering either single transactions or continuing sales, and either a single or multiple guarantors.

Parental Guarantee - Intended for the situation where a parent company intends to guarantee payment performance by its subsidiary.

Personal Guarantee 1 - Designed for an individual to use to guarantee performance by another individual or a company.  (For example, if the principal of a corporation is guaranteeing the payment by his company to a vendor.)

Personal Guarantee 2 - Slight variation on the Personal Guarantee above, incorporating an interest rate for late payment.

Two Party Guarantee - Guarantee by two parties that a third party will honor its payment commitments.  Could be used when a husband and wife both agree to be responsible for the debts of a business.

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